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What are the differences between vitrified tiles and full-glazed glazes tile?
- Sep 07, 2018 -

First, the difference in appearance and color

The difference between the various colors of the tiled surface is not too strong, the full glaze tile is also completely unrestricted, red, black, yellow, blue and purple are completely no problem. From the meticulous texture: the texture of the vitrified tile can not be very small, the full glaze tile can achieve fine lines like needlework. The most critical difference is the tile: the vitrified tile infiltrates the color into the tile, so the color of the tile is 1-2mm below the surface. The full glaze tile is completely different, and it will not penetrate into the brick body at all. If the tile surface has only one layer of a very flawless color layer, it is definitely a full glaze tile.  


Second, the process difference between vitrified bricks and full polished glaze tile

In the production process need to be fired at high temperature, but the temperature and requirements of vitrified tile firing is much higher than the full polished glaze tile, which also caused vitrified tiles and The difference in the hardness of the full glaze; the difference in the polishing process, the use of hard polishing technology for the vitrified brick is deeper in the processing of the brick body, usually the surface grinding amount can reach 0.8-1.5 mm, and the polished glazed brick belongs to soft throwing. The surface grinding depth is at most 0.3-0.5 mm. If the grinding depth is too large, the glaze layer on the surface of the glazed tile is easily damaged; the glazed tile is glazed by 2-3 glazing before the high temperature firing, and the vitrified brick The surface is not treated by the glazing process; since the surface of the polished glazed tile is not much grounded, the flatness of the firing is higher than that of the vitrified brick, and the difficulty is greater.


Third, the difference in hardness

Because of the difference in the production of vitrified tiles and full-glazed glaze tile, mainly the difference between the surface glazing or not, resulting in the difference in hardness of the vitrified brick and the full polished glaze tile after firing. Due to the glazing treatment of the surface, the hardness of the polished glazed tile is relatively lower than that of the vitrified tile. Under normal circumstances, the hardness of the vitrified brick is about 7 degrees Mo, or even greater, and the Mohs hardness of the polished glazed tile is less than 5; Since the hardness of the product is different due to the hardness and hardness of the product, the processing of the vitrified tile and the full polished glaze tile is different, and the polished glazed tile can only be treated with soft polishing.

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