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What are the classifications of mosaics?
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Mosaics classifications:

Mosaic tiles are widely used in home decoration. Because the mosaics are exquisite and compact, the colors are different, and many different patterns can be spelled out. The decorative effect is much better than ordinary wall tiles and floor tiles.

Ceramic mosaic, the most widely used and most traditional mosaic, its compact size is more monotonous. There are also stone mosaics, which generally refer to marble mosaics, which are relatively rich in variety and color. However, the marble mosaic is relatively poor in water repellency and has weak acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

The color of the glass mosaic is very rich. It can be divided into molten glass mosaic, sintered glass mosaic and Venus glass mosaic. Among them, the Venus glass mosaic will flicker when it meets light. The main raw material of the molten glass mosaic is silicate, which contains a small amount of bubbles and unbelted particles. The main raw material of the sintered glass mosaic is glass powder.

The metal mosaic is mainly made of metal materials such as aluminum alloy, and its surface color is dim, the reflection effect is poor, and the color is single, which is generally the original color of


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