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What are the characteristics of soft light tiles?
- May 31, 2018 -

There are still few people who know about soft light tile, but this product is the "new darling" in ceramic tile, and it is also a product that is recognized by consumers in the market. So what are the characteristics of soft light tiles?

1, Visual comfort, no light pollution.

This product is through the tile surface soft throw technology, so that the surface light can produce scattered light effects, only this will reduce the product's reflective rate, the product's texture is softer, light and delicate moist, thus solving the light tile products The light pollution problem can give you a warm space with visual comfort and an artistic atmosphere.


2, Strong wear-resistant, easy to scratch

All products such as polished glazes and microcrystalline stones will be clearly reflected if they have scratches on their surface. Relatively speaking, scratches on soft bricks are not so easy to see. Its Mohs hardness is generally 6.0 ~ 7.0 (equivalent to teeth, quartz, jade), while natural marble is generally only 3.0 (equivalent to shells, pearls, copper). So use this product to help you solve the problem of archaic bricks easy to hide, cleaning and care easier.


3, Tile surface is more even, not significantly "water ripples"

Soft light tile is a direct fired glazed tile, easily due to the high temperature firing process glaze undulations uneven. If you choose the kind of conventional high-gloss glazed tile, it will cause brick surface unevenness during polishing, and it will also appear the kind of "water ripple" phenomenon, which will affect the paving effect.

4, Texture is clearer, the level is more three-dimensional

Compared with the traditional polished tiles and full-glazed products on the market, it can be said that this soft porcelain can more easily highlight the texture of the skin and the three-dimensional texture of the stone, and its level is more three-dimensional and rich.

 Although the soft light tile is a new product, it is also loved by many consumers. In particular, it has unique features and more and more people are using it.

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