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What are the characteristics of natural stone mosaic?
- Oct 04, 2018 -

Mosaic is one of the decorative materials in our home. The mosaic has a very good decorative effect, and you can also manually DIY yourself. Nowadays, the mosaic materials on the market are very diverse, and mosaics of different materials have been applied indoor. Among the many materials, the quaint decorative effect of natural stone mosaic has been loved by many people. Which natural marble mosaic is used in which areas?


First, the mosaic introduction

Natural marble mosaics are made of natural stone by special techniques and do not contain any chemical dyes. It retains the quaint colors unique to the stone itself. This natural marble mosaic allows people to be placed in earthy colors and natural textures.

Second, color adjustment

Marble mosaics pursue ancient nature, detail, style, and the materials used are more environmentally friendly. Marble mosaics, because of their small size, can make some puzzles and produce a gradient effect.

 Third, decorative applications

Marble mosaics are mainly used for wall and floor decoration. Because the mosaic has a small unit area and a wide variety of colors, it has an infinite combination. Mosaics are widely used in hotels, swimming pools, etc., and are decorated in the home, which can bring very good decorative effects to our interior.

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