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What are the characteristics of modern antique tiles
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Modern antique tiles reflect a unique advantage in home decoration, which has completely different production processes from antique tiles. Besides, how to use modern antique tiles to create a changeable home style before we first popularize the characteristics of this tile.

Antique tiles can be divided into two kinds: glazed tiles and all ceramic glazes. Different products will have different selection criteria.

In addition, the water absorption rate of modern antique tiles has been set to a standard. The water absorption of porcelain tiles is below 0.5%, and the water absorption rate of antique tiles is between 0.5%-3%. Most modern antique tiles can achieve lower water absorption. Based on this characteristic, modern antique tiles can be widely applied to kitchens and bathrooms.

Antiskid and wear resistance is also a prominent feature of modern antique tiles. Through the above analysis, the modern antique tiles can become one of the popular elements of home building, and it is not difficult to understand.

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The modern antique tiles in the home space collocation does not have too many specification constraints, because this kind of tile mainly with black and white ash and other light colors, in the color matching principle, these colors are of no polar color, and any color matching together appear to complement each other.

Many people will choose white in the matching of modern antique tiles in the living room, because the living room is mainly used to receive customers, so it looks spacious and bright.

At the same time in the kitchen should choose light colored shade, because the kitchen cooking temperature is higher, the use of cold color visual effect is quite cool.

The color of the modern antique tiles itself can show a simple feeling. At the same time, this kind of tile attaches great importance to the design sense of the product itself. Each pattern has a certain connotation. When building the home space with modern antique tiles, it does not need complex decoration, and the color is not too much, with its own texture and spirit. It's easy to design a changeable home style.


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