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What are the characteristics of full glazed tiles?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Full glazed tile characteristics

tiles are essential decorative materials. Fully polished glazed tiles have been welcomed and loved by people because of their rich patterns and meticulous textures. They are a popular decorative material.

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1.longer service life

Generally polished tiles used for a long time, easy to matte; antique bricks used for a long time, because the surface of the glaze layer is relatively thin, easy to wear. The transparent glazed tile of the polished glaze is thicker and less prone to wear, so its service life is three times that of the general micro-powder.

2.bright and bright

This feature is still attracting a lot of consumers, with this tile to decorate the home will be very bright.

3. The color of the glazed tile is more abundant.

After burning the tile at high temperature, the coloration texture of the pattern is dialysis color, not the rough pattern on the surface of ordinary tiles, but the special coloring of the muscles that can be seen and touched. The colors are bright, the colors are diverse, and the texture is natural. The full glaze products can be polished or not polished to meet the preferences of different consumer groups.

4. Smooth

glazed tile has a disadvantage that it is not a disadvantage, that is, the surface is smooth, because from the perspective of the safety of family life, the tile surface will be too smooth. Increase the insecurity in your life, which means taking safety into account when using this tile, especially if you have an elderly person or a child at home.

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