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What are the benefits of using wood tiles?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

First, the effect of wood tile decoration

The effect of the use of wood tiles in the modern minimalist style living room is also very good. The surface of the polished tiles looks very beautiful. The whole space gives a clean and generous feeling. The color of the wood grain tiles matches the entire space. Is a kind of visual enjoyment, is this elegant floor tile design worth learning?

The color of the wood-grained tile is very matched with the color of the background wall, and it looks very beautiful. It also gives people a warm feeling, color comfort, and can reflect the owner's fashion and elegant side. Light yellow wood tiles enhance the brightness of the bedroom and can also visually increase the area.


What are the benefits of using wood-grained tiles?

1. In fact, wood-grained tiles are also a type of tile, but the surface of the tiles shows the texture of the wooden floor, the lines give the true feelings, very natural, and do not worry about wood grain flooring will fade, This kind of product is easy to maintain.

2, wood grain tile is mainly combined with the fine characteristics of wood floors and tiles, add a layer of glazed surface, and the glaze is different, the wood grain pattern is also different, and it has no deformation, not Fading, permanent wear-resistant features, but also moisture-proof corrosion, easy to clean, wear-resistant, acid and alkali, is a green product.

3, wood grain tiles are also a kind of antique brick, this brick surface is mostly matte brick, and not as easy to slide as wooden floors, very suitable for use as a bedroom for children and the elderly.


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