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What are the advantages and disadvantages of mosaic tiles?
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Tiles are an important part of the decoration materials, and the choice of tiles should be especially cautious. In recent years, mosaic tiles appearing on the market have been favored by many consumers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this mosaic tile?


First, the basic situation

Mosaic is a special type of tile, which is usually composed of dozens of small tile and a relatively large tiles. Acid, alkali, abrasion resistant, non-seepage, strong pressure resistance, not easy to break. Classification It is mainly divided into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic and glass mosaic. Scope It is widely used in indoor small areas, walls and outdoor walls and floors with its small size and colorful color.


Second, the advantages and disadvantages

1,glass mosaic tile

Advantages: Beautiful, the back of the monolithic glass mosaic should have jagged or stepped grooves, so that the paving will be firmer.

2, stainless steel mosaic tile

Advantages: low cost of stainless steel plate, low price in product price; wear-resistant, ground decoration.

Disadvantages: single color, mostly gold and silver, the surface process is only brushed, mirror surface; the surface is still easy to oxidize and the color is dim, the inferior has rust spots. The stainless steel skin, ceramic granules and back mesh are pasted, the granules are easily peeled off, and the installation requires mud filling.

3, aluminum alloy mosaic tile

Advantages: All aluminum particles, guaranteed strength, secondary processing, laser, phantom, spinning and other effects; wear-resistant, ground decoration.

Disadvantages: single color, no picture or other material effects, surface technology limited to drawing or mirror surface; heavier, installation requires brushing and caulking. price.


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