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Tile raw materials
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The raw materials of the tiles are made of a mixture of various natural stones (clay, feldspar, quartz, sand, etc.) and are made into various shapes before firing. Needless to say, its contribution to environmental protection is based on its selection of pure natural raw materials. The so-called natural use of natural. The press molding is performed at a temperature of 700°C to 1250°C. The choice of temperature depends on the composition of the raw material and the type of tile to be produced. Usually below 1000 ℃ is fired clay tiles; 1000-1250 ℃ fired ceramic tiles.

Tile production materials are made from a variety of raw materials mixed:

Clay (plasticity), its role is to set a certain humidity of the brick material before the tile is not fired, easy to handle, move and transport, determine the basic life of the tile.

Quartz (ridge material) consists essentially of quartz sand. It forms a tile skeleton structure while reducing and limiting the deformation of the tile due to firing and drying. Decide the various properties of the tile.

Feldspar (solvent raw material), its role is in the firing process, melting and sintering into a glassy compact structure. , Determine the toughness of the tile.

Three homogenizations: Aging process

Homogenization after mining homogenization process into the average


Glaze is a variety of different minerals and composite materials (glass raw materials, kaolin, quartz sand, various oxides, dyes, etc.) applied to the tile surface and then melted at high temperatures to form a glaze. After the late cooling, this layer of molten glaze to form a vitrified layer.

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