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The types and difference of ceramic tile
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Ceramic tile types and use

Ceramic tiles can be divided into glazed tiles, full body tiles, polished tiles and vitrified tiles according to their manufacturing technology and characteristics. Ceramic tiles with different characteristics have their own best uses.

Full body tile:

Full body tile is a kind of non-glazed ceramic tile, the material and color of front and back side are the same. It has good anti-skid and wear resistance. Applicable scope is widely used in halls, corridors and outdoor walkways and other floors, generally less used in the wall.

Glazed tiles:

The surface of the glazed tile is treated by glazing high temperature and high pressure. These ceramic tiles are composed of two parts, earth embryo and glazed surface. The function of glaze is to increase the beauty of ceramic tile and play a good anti-fouling role. Classified according to raw materials are pottery ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles. According to the different gloss, it can be divided into two kinds: matt and bright light. Glazed tile is the most common kind of tile in decoration. Because of its rich color patterns and strong anti-fouling ability, it is widely used in walls and floors.

Polished tiles:

Polished tile is a kind of full body tile, The surface of the tile is polished. Polished tile surface is smooth, hard and wear-resistant, and can also make a variety of imitation stone, imitation wood effect. Classification can be divided into Double Loading polished tile, Pulati polished tiles, Christal double loading polished tiles, soluble salt polished tile, which is Suitable for using in most indoor spaces except bathroom and kitchen.

Vitrified tiles:

Vitrified tiles are polished and bright without polishing, which is the hardest of all ceramic tiles. It is a kind of polished tile. Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, walkways, etc.

Antique floor tiles:

Antique tiles are evolved from colored glazed tiles, which are essentially glazed ceramic tiles. Antique tiles are not difficult to clean. Antique tiles are waterproof, non-slip and corrosion resistant.

The difference between ceramic tiles

1.Most of what we usually call "skid-proof tile" are almost full body tiles. Full body tile is a kind of wear-resistant tile, but relatively speaking, its design and color is not as good as glazed tiles. As the current interior design is more and more inclined to plain color design, and have fair price,  so the tile has become more and more a fashion and popular.

2.As the glazed tile surface is glaze, so the wear resistance is not as good as polished tile.  Kitchen should choose bright glazed tiles, not Matt glazed tiles, because oil stains into the tile surface, it is difficult to clean.

3.Vitrified tile is superior to glazed tile, polished tile and general marble in water absorption, edge straightness, bending strength and acid and alkali resistance.

4.Compared with glazed tiles, the difference between antique tiles and glazed tiles mainly lies in the glaze color. Antique tiles belong to common ceramic tiles and are basically the same as other tiles.

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