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The specifications and characteristics of the rustic tiles
- May 19, 2018 -


Archaize tiles evolved from colored glazed tiles, essentially glazed porcelain tiles. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly manifested in the color of glazes. Glazed ceramic tiles, with a classical unique charm to attract people's eyes, in order to reflect the vicissitudes of the years, the heavy history, the antique tile through style, color, pattern, create a nostalgic atmosphere. The antique brick is evolved from the colored glaze brick, which is basically the same as the magnetic sheet. The so-called archaize refers to the effect of the tile. It should be called the ceramic tile of the antique effect, and the antique tile is not difficult to clean.

The "drinking" process makes it green and grey; it is distinguished from the ordinary antique tiles (such as ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, and so on) with elegant, stable, simple, natural and tranquil beauty, and has the characteristics of "air permeability, water absorption, antioxidant, purifying air" and so on. It is an ideal decoration material for building walls and pavement decoration. Become one of the products that designers strongly recommend. The main specifications are: 100 x 100mm, 150 x 150mm, 165 x 165mm, 200 x 200mm, 300*300mm, 330*330mm, 400 x 400mm, 500 x 500mm, 600 * 600mm



1, antique tiles varieties, colorful, full range of specifications, 500x500 and 800*800, more is 600*600mm, and also suitable for kitchen and sanitation and other areas of the small size of the brick, can be said to be a combination of polished tiles and porcelain. In the antique tile, there are peels, rocks, wood lines and so on. It looks very close, it is a real thing, many of them are tiles, not just on the glaze.

 2.From a practical point of view, from a practical point of view, public occasions, large people, high frequency of use, polished tiles in 2-3 years almost dim and ugly, the same as the antique tiles and the rigid paving.

3, from a practical point of view, the paving paste of the antique tiles is originally personalized, according to the design of flower colors, it can be personalized. The use of antique tiles abroad is much greater than that of polished tiles. It is almost impossible for polished tiles to do this.

4, polished tiles surface smooth, almost can not solve the problem of anti-skid, antique tiles solve this problem. Therefore, in public places, the use of antique tiles is gradually improving. In the family, the problem of slipping of the elderly and children is also being gradually improved.

5, polished tiles are considered the largest source of light pollution abroad, while antique tiles are almost matte, and there is no such problem. This is similar to the contrast effect between transparent glass bulb and frosted bulb.

6.We are also an example of an example of a public occasion, a good polishing tiles, 2-3 years, the surface has been heavily contaminated with wax, almost 5 years or so, must be redecorated and paving. There are almost no such problems in the antique brick.  

7.From the water absorption rate, from the water absorption rate, the antique tile was originally a porcelain glazed tile, and there was no difference between the ceramic bottom itself and the polished tile. The difference was only whiteness and the formula that could be thrown up, so the water absorption rate of the billet could be completely up to 0.1%, and there was no difference from the polished tile, but the surface of the two tiles was completely different, archaize. The surface of tile will never absorb water, and polished tiles will flow.

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