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The features of stone mosaic tile
- Oct 15, 2018 -

In recent years, the stone mosaic wall tile is relatively good, and this decoration material is used in home decoration. So What are the characteristics of the stone mosaic wall tile?

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 1, mosaic scarcity

The stone mosaic wall tile is made of natural stone, which takes a long time to form and the mining process is very cumbersome. Since these raw materials are non-renewable resources, they are very precious and the value is relatively high.

2, long service life

Because the mosaic is mostly made of natural stone, it has good wear resistance, which is unmatched by other materials. Moreover, since the size of the mosaic tile is relatively small, the pressure resistance is relatively high. Therefore, the service life is relatively long.

3, the security of the mosaic

This is because its anti-slip, wear resistance and other properties are very good, so the safety of use is increased. In some bathrooms, swimming pools are used more.

4, environmental protection

Because the wall of this material is made of natural materials and does not contain any harmful substances, it is environmentally friendly to use, which is also very relevant to today's environmental protection concept.

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