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The Features of Mosaic wall tile
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Mosaic wall tile is a relatively new method of wall decoration. Today, I would like to introduce the characteristics of the mosaic wall tile to give you a better understanding of the background wall tile.


Features of the mosaic wall tile:

1,The decoration is good.

The raw materials of the mosaic are mainly glass, metal, shell, etc. Whether it is material or color, it can be placed in any shape. The application range is wide, and large-sized small units can be used. And the visual impact is very strong, which can create a different home experience.

2, environmental protection and pollution-free

mosaic are made of raw materials, these materials do not contain harmful substances, but also the original ecology, less radiation than antique tile, less light pollution than polished tiles. The mosaic wall has unique raw materials, so it is more environmentally friendly and safer.

3, long service life

Mosaic materials are all natural materials, the material itself has waterproof, wear-resistant properties, is unmatched by other types of wall decoration materials. In addition, the mosaic material is relatively small in size, and there are many gaps in the construction process, which also creates its unique pressure resistance capability, and does not damage with external temperature changes, so the use period is long.


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