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The difference between the polished glazed tile and the antique tile
- Jul 17, 2018 -

A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of polished glazed tile and the antique tile

1. decorative style: polished glazed tile is a kind of ceramic tile with better gloss and fine and delicate glaze.

Decoration style is also more inclined to show the space of noble and delicate, to meet the modern style of decorative appeal. For example, some gorgeous hotel lobby, clubhouse, bar, museum and exhibition hall. The antique tile is different. Its surface is not too high gloss and permeable, but is good at displaying a kind of thick and simple breath experiencing historical precipitation. It is good at applying in some personalized home space, theme hotel, cafe, tea house, leisure place or ancient construction.


2. glossiness: the biggest advantage of glazed tile is the high smoothness and gloss of the surface.

The effect of the light and shadow of the space is more easily displayed in the light and outdoor light, which is the most popular home building materials in modern home decoration. The glossiness of antique tiles is not very high. The surface of the antique brick is mainly undulating and soft. Therefore, the effect of gloss mapping is not excellent. Because of this, the antiskid performance of antique bricks is generally better than that of all cast glazes, so it is more common in various bathroom spaces and kitchens.

3. color texture: high gloss makes the whole cast glaze have a bright sense of color that can not match the conventional tile.

The texture is lifelike and clearer. It gives people a sense of vision and a strong sense of modernity. But the antique brick is more good at showing the thick sense of the tile itself, as if a brick and stone buried in the soil, although it can not give a perfect and flawless luxury, it can well interpret a feeling of gravity, long and natural. It is very popular with some customers who pay attention to the artistic and cultural atmosphere of the interior space.

Two, industry trend determines ceramic tile foreground, antique tile is better.

At present, people are more and more demanding of the connotation and temperament of home space or other space. It is willing to improve the quality of connotation, artistic temperament and life experience, whether it is a bar, a hotel, a hotel, a club or an ordinary home environment. Compared with the gorgeous appearance of all glazed glaze, antique bricks can shape the rich connotation and temperament, and make people feel more comfortable. Besides, the antiskid effect of the antique brick is also really good, in people's daily application, it can play the effect of anti slip and fall prevention, and it has a good protective effect on the old people and children. It

On the whole, antique tiles cater to the demands of consumers for decoration, and the prospects for future development are more optimistic than that of all cast glazes.

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