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The difference between semi-glaze tile and full glazed polished glaze tile
- Aug 21, 2018 -

There are many types of ceramic tiles, with semi-glazed tile and full-glazed tile. What is the difference between them? What are their respective characteristics? Semi-polishing glazed tiles have a wide variety of colors and are optional. The texture of the all-glazed tile is richer and more environmentally friendly. In addition, what are the differences between semi-glazed tiles and full-glazed tiles?

One.Semi-polishing glazed tiles combine the advantages of polished tiles, antique tiles and porcelain tiles. The modern craftsmanship can also produce semi-polishing glazed tiles of different patterns, so the color of semi-glazed tiles can be There is a lot of selectivity and it is very popular in the market. Its selection of materials is very particular, the craft is exquisite, the semi-polishing glazed tiles produced by these two points have been specially processed, can have good anti-slip and reflective characteristics, and generally play a very good role in the decoration of the bathroom.


 Second, full polished glazed tile glazed texture rich, all kinds of decoration style can be completely matched, regardless of the living room, bedroom can also be applied, and the texture is natural, the variety of colors, variety styles are also many, can meet different consumption The home decoration needs, in terms of firing, are more environmentally friendly and less radiative than polished tiles. The glazed tile has a very good air permeability and a very high water absorption rate. Compared with other natural ceramic tiles, the texture is uniform, stable, compact and safe. Therefore, all-glazed tiles are generally used in home decoration, not in the decoration of streets or passages. The fully polished glazed tile can be kept bright for a long time. It is made by the process of polishing brick. The glazed tile is different from ordinary tiles. The glazed surface is made of crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high temperature firing, the interior of the tile The molecules are all sealed and there are no gaps. Therefore, it is possible to keep the light for a long time, without fading, hard and wearable.


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