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The color selection of the glass mosaic TV background ?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Glass TV background wall is also a kind of decoration commonly used by modern people. What color does the glass mosaic TV background wall choose?

Blue: blue is the easiest color to associate with the sea. Blue is a cool and wise color. Blue can make people cool down. But on the other hand, blue also makes people feel sad, poor and indifferent in their emotions. People who touch blue can relax their nervousness. Blue is a kind of elegant and tranquil color.

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Orange: orange as the prevailing color, he can make us energizing after contact. However, the color of orange can not be too strong, otherwise this positive color may make people's spirit too excited, and there are some emotional adverse consequences.

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Purple: purple is also the color that we often encounter in our life. It is also the color that many people like. Purple has inhibitory effects on human motor neurons, lymphatics and heart system. It can maintain potassium balance in human physiology and promote potassium absorption. Visual contact with purple can give people a sense of security. It

Orange blue: the glass mosaic of this color is also used in some home decorations. Exposure to orange blue helps to relax the body's muscles and give people a sense of comfort and ease. It

But not all colored glass mosaic is suitable for interior decoration. The interior decoration of the colored glass mosaic is to build a quiet and comfortable space rather than blindly pursuing novelty and fashion.

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