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The classification, advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The classification of ceramic tiles in home decoration is: polished tiles, glazed tiles, glazed tiles, whole body tiles and porcelain tiles.

1.Classification of polished tiles

The polishing tile has a smooth, strong and wear-resistant surface. It is more suitable for the decoration on the balcony and some exterior walls. Most of the polished tiles now use the technique of imitating the flowers, which can make all kinds of antique and imitation wood.

The advantages of polished tiles: radioactive elements, no chromatic aberration, high strength, thin brick, light weight and transportation.

The drawback is that because of the concave and convex holes left by polished tiles polishing, its resistance to dirt is not strong.


2.Classification of  vitrified tiles

The surface of vitrified tiles, such as glass, is generally smooth and bright. It is the hardest part of all tiles.

The advantages of vitrified tile are colorful, soft, environment-friendly, lightweight brick and strong decay resistance.

The disadvantage of vitrified tiles is that the cost of glazed tiles is relatively high because of their good material and properties.


3. classification of ceramic tiles - glazed tiles

Various patterns and patterns can be made on the surface of glazed tiles, because the glaze on the surface of the glazed tiles reduces its wear resistance. But glazed tiles are rich in color patterns, many specifications, clean and convenient, and skid proof. They are widely used in our kitchens and bathrooms.

The advantages of glazed tiles are that the glazed tiles have rich color patterns, large specifications and large choice space, and are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

The drawback of glazed tiles is low wear resistance


4.The classification of full body tile

The full body tile has high hardness, low water absorbency and good abrasion resistance. But the color is rather monotonous compared to the glazed tiles.

The advantages of the full body tiles are: its positive and negative materials and colors are consistent, wearable, moisture-proof, economical and practical.

The disadvantage of the full body tile is that the stains are easy to infiltrate and the water is easy to infiltrate.

5. porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles with water absorbability below 0.5%. Porcelain tile has the texture of natural stone, and has the advantages of high gloss, high hardness, high abrasion resistance and small color. It has a marble luster.

The advantages of porcelain tiles are light weight, high strength, stable chemical properties, acid resistance and wear resistance.

Disadvantages of porcelain tiles: brick surface is easy to absorb stains and poor skid resistance.

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