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The characteristics of antique tile
- May 26, 2018 -

Archaize tiles evolved from colored glazed tiles, essentially glazed tiles. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly manifested in the color of glazed tiles.

The only difference is that in the process of burning, the technical content of the antique tile is relatively high. After the press of thousands of tons of hydraulic press, it has been sintered at high temperature by thousands of degrees, so it has high strength and very strong wear resistance. The carefully developed antique tile has the characteristics of waterproof, antiskid and corrosion resistance. Archaize tile create a nostalgic atmosphere through styles, colors and patterns.

 1, antique tile variety, flower color is more, specifications are complete, suitable for kitchen and toilet and other areas of small size tiles, it can be said to be the combination of polished tiles and porcelain.

2, From a practical point of view, in public places, people flow, use frequency is high, polished tiles are almost dull and ugly for 2-3 years, antique tiles and just when paving the same.

3, from a practical point of view, the paving paste of antique tiles is originally personalized, and can be personalized according to the design of flower colors. The use of antique tile abroad is much greater than that of polished tiles. It is almost impossible for polished tiles to do this.

4, polished tiles surface smooth, almost can not solve the problem of anti-skid, antique tile can solve this problem.

5, polished tiles are considered to be the largest source of light pollution abroad, while antique tiles are almost matte, and there is no such problem.

6, anti fouling problem, good polishing tile, 2-3 years, the surface has been sallow and serious pollution, almost 5 years or so, must be renovated and paved. There are almost no such problems in the antique tile.

7. From the water absorption rate, the antique tile was originally a porcelain glazed tile, and there was no difference between the ceramic bottom itself and the polished tile. The difference was only on the whiteness and the formula that could be thrown up, so the water absorption rate of the billet could be about 0.1%, and the polishing tile was not different, but the surface condition of the two tile was completely different, the surface of the antique tile surface Never water.

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