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The bathroom tile collage also can be very artistic!
- May 18, 2018 -

The bathroom tile collage also can be very artistic!

In life, many people have neglected the design of the bathroom, especially the selection and collage of ceramic tiles. The material, color and collage of different tiles will produce the style and effect that can not be allowed.


1.Build a theme wall with partial tiles to create a visual focus.

Choosing a wall, usually the location of the shower area is a good choice. The placement of ceramic tiles in oblique angle or disorder can create the most focused visual focus according to the law of gradual change of colors or completely disrupting the order.



2, mix up the tiles, enrich the visual nerve

Mix the tiles together with the common tiles, and the different styles of ceramic tiles change the style of the bathroom more interesting. The style of mixed tiles should be kept as uniform as possible.


Tips bathroom space color matching

The cold hue of the bathroom can reflect the unique temperament and taste, the neutral ash can match the high cold fashion sense, the beige and the white make the bathroom look softer and moving. It

(3) if white main colors are added with some brass faucets and flower sprinklers, they can give the space a rich and simple European style.

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