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The advantages of wood tile
- Apr 03, 2018 -

1, low price life long imitation wood tile prices are higher than ordinary tiles, but compared with 100RMB a square meter of solid wood floor, wood grain brick obviously has a great price advantage. And the wooden brick use long life, wear-resistant, not like wooden floor to periodic maintenance, low cost of use time long, it is more cost-effective choice.

2, the choice of style and texture is more. With the improvement of manufacturing technology, some enterprises have been very mature in wood block products. According to the surface gloss, besides the traditional dumb light, it can be divided into bright surface and soft light wood grain. Different crafts make different texture. With many kinds of wood grain, shape and color, the consumer is more rich in the choice of style and texture.

3, the application range of wood tile can be applied to the kitchen and bathroom space which is not suitable for wood floors, which undoubtedly adds practicality. Taking HANSE wood block as an example, after 90 minutes of calcimine in a 300 meter kiln, the degree of porcelain is higher, and the upper and lower walls can be.

4, wear-resistant, waterproof, clean and maintain simple and convenient. Wood tile is essentially ceramic tile, so there are all basic properties of ceramic tiles. The surface of the wood grain has been treated with waterproof. If the dust is stained, it can be wiped directly with water. At the same time, the wood tile also has strong anti fouling ability. In general, water and standard neutral detergent can be cleaned, and it is easy to maintain and clean the wood floor.

Today there are many companies producing wood grain bricks, among them are HANSE tiles. With a variety of characteristic tree textures as an idea, which integrates 3D ink jet technology with three-dimensional molds to restore nature's greatest creations with the most simple visuals

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