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The advantages and disadvantages of the living room wall tile
- Jun 11, 2018 -

In everyone's mind, the living room floor is often paved with tiles, but the walls are usually latex paint or wallpaper. In fact, many people decorate bathroom walls and kitchen walls not only with ceramic tile, but also use the wall tile.

First, the advantages of the living room wall tile



1. Easy to clean

As we all know, ceramic tiles are easy to handle. Dust, stains and so on can be done with rag.

2, Neat and generous

As the ceramic tiles with glazed or polish surface, will look brighter and smoother, and the whole room will be neat and generous.

3, Will not be broken for a long tile.

Tiles will not fade according to the passage of time and look worn out.

4, Protect the wall.

5. Personalization.

There are so many kinds of tiles that you can choose colors, flowers and tile shapes freely according to your preferences or designer's design.

6, Environmental protection.

No radiation from ceramic tiles determines that it is more secure and environmentally friendly, and does not pose any threat to family health.


Two. The disadvantages of the living room wall tile

1, Looks cold

It can not be denied that the thermal conductivity of ceramic tiles is rather poor, and the whole looks a bit hard and cold, which is determined by the natural attributes of tiles.

2, Wet weather will gather water.

There will be water droplets on the tile floor, looking cold, wet and cold.


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