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The advantages and disadvantages of the antique tile
- Jun 16, 2018 -

Antique tiles have been very popular in recent years. They have a kind of classical charm and create a nostalgic atmosphere for people to become retro fashion.

Advantages one: personalization

Antique tiles are very suitable for personalization. People with home furnishings can design according to their color requirements, so as to maximize their personalization.


Advantages two: a lot of paving patterns

The antique tile has the characteristics of high wear resistance, comfortable and warm feet, rich colors and different specifications. It has many patterns and is very popular with the high-end consumers.

Antique tiles three: a certain degree of simulation

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There are many series of archaize tiles, which are commonly known as wood grain, rock and leather patterns. Archaize tiles are usually monolithic tiles, not just glazed ones. With a certain degree of simulation, it can be seen as real and real.

Advantages four: good skid proof

Antique tiles often make surface irregularities to do the old effect, skid resistance is particularly good, especially suitable for humid toilets and kitchens. It

Five of the advantages of antique bricks: good antifouling

Antique tile has excellent antifouling and waterproofing property, long durability, which makes the surface of the space not easy to receive pollution, and is convenient for cleaning and cleaning.

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