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The advantage of the ceramic pool mosaic?
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The swimming pool mosaic is required to meet the physical properties of water pressure, soaking resistance, acid and alkali resistance, but the other mosaic does not have so many physical characteristics and standards, but only the aesthetic feeling of decoration alone has no good practicality.

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What is the advantage of swimming pool porcelain mosaic compared to other swimming pool tiles?

Compared to the glass mosaic, the ceramic mosaic has a dovetail groove on the back and the viscosity of the tile adhesive is greater. And ceramic mosaics are durable and won't fall. The

The size of the ceramic mosaic swimming pool tiles is relatively small, and more gaps between particles can play a non-slip effect. Compared with other large-size swimming pool tile mosaic swimming pool tiles, it is more flexible to use. More widely used, such as hotel clubs, SPA, recreational pools and other irregular pool more flexible and beautiful! Unlike the large size of the swimming pool tiles need trimming and cutting into small pieces, after the appearance of the phenomenon! Mosaic swimming pool tiles relative to other swimming pools Bricks are more complete accessories, overcast angles, angles, corners and other corners are available when the perfect accessories for over-use!

In particular, ceramic mosaics are small in size and can be designed in a variety of designs depending on the size of the swimming pool. This advantage once applied swimming pool porcelain mosaics to the swimming pools, hotel clubs, spas and other individual swimming pools.

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