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Ten misunderstandings of purchasing ceramic tiles
- May 29, 2018 -

1, the bigger the better for the ceramic tile, a lot of people think that big tiles appear to be high quality?

But there is a very serious problem. Apart from the high price of the large size ceramic tiles, there are also difficulties such as handling, designing, laying, cutting and so on.

2, the whiteness of better of the ceramic tile?

you necessary to know that the color of tile is related to raw materials, especially white tiles. In many areas of our country, raw materials for production of white tiles are very scarce. Some manufacturers add radioactive zirconium materials to increase glaze whiteness.

3, the thicker the better, many people think that the thicker the tile, the stronger it must be, because it looks more like stone.

 In fact, this idea is wrong. The strength of ceramic tile depends on its crack resistance, but it has little to do with thickness.

4, Guangdong tile is better than others?

In fact, the quality of tiles should be based on the production side, mainly to see the kind tiles.

5, the matt tile is not easy to clean?

Although the matt tile relative to the bright face tile is more easy to suck dirty, but will not infiltrate the glaze, the common detergent can be cleaned. And now most of the glazed tiles on the surface of the matt tiles have been specially treated to achieve the effect of wear resistance, skid resistance, no dirt absorption and easy cleaning.

6, For the beauty, Tiles can not leave sew.?

However, ceramic tiles will be affected by thermal expansion, cold shrinkage and dryness and moisture. If no sew is left, tile may crack and destroy the decoration effect.

7, Whether the wall or floor , must use white cement to sew?

However, after using white cement, cracks, discoloration, falling off and anti alkali will occur. So, we must use professional sealant.

8, the amount of purchasing ceramic tiles just purchase of not too much, the loss in the construction, in case of empty drum remedies, if not the same batch of tiles are easy to appear color difference.

9, expensive must be good?

But the market of today, because of the different brand positioning and market operation mode different, the market price difference may also have some gap. Price can only be a reference standard, not to be trusted.

10. Discount quality also discounted?

In fact, many times discount sales are aimed at attracting consumers, popularizing brand awareness, and some are using discount methods to deal with excessive inventory. But these products are of good quality and need not be worried.


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