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Ten advantages of foshan ceramic tiles
- May 14, 2018 -

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1, foshan tile have waterproof effect. This is a big advantage compared to the wood floor.

2, Ceramic tiles have the effect of anticorrosion. Ceramic tile is a kind of corrosion resistant material made of quartz, feldspar and clay. It has high acid and alkali resistance and low water absorption. It is not easy to oxidize at normal temperature and is not easily polluted by medium. 

3, Ceramic tiles have wear resistance. Wear resistance: wear resistance is not determined by the senses, and more depends on some technical indicators. Generally speaking, it can be divided into five degrees:

Degree I: low wear resistance rate, generally used for display, wall and very little activity.

Degree: II: the degree of abrasion is greater than that of ceramic tile of grade I. It is mainly used in bathroom, bedroom and so on. It

Degree III: moderate wear resistance, mainly used for larger activities. Such as the living room, the kitchen, etc.

Degree IV: high wear resistance. It is very suitable for use in the lobby, corridor and public places of luxurious residence.

Degree V: there is no clear concept in the division. But theoretically, it has super abrasion resistance and is generally used in non family environment, such as airports, stations, etc.

4, The ceramic tile has a long service life. Ceramic tiles can be used for 10-20 years.

5, The tile texture is prominent. Most of the tiles are textured and can avoid monotonic, especially for toilets, kitchens, balconies, etc.

6. The type of ceramic tiles and soft porcelain can be shaped at will. At the same time, it can  show the texture and color of natural ornamental materials, such as wood, skin, stone, brick, cloth, metal and so on. No matter what indoor style you like, you can find a suitable ceramic tile.

7, Many types of ceramic tiles. The area of floor tiles is large, and the joints are shallow, wide and relatively small. It's relatively easy to clean.

8. The thermal conductivity of ceramic tiles is good. It is a good conductor of heat.

9, Tile self weight is light. Ceramic tiles are flexible, and ceramic tiles are resistant to acid, alkali, freezing, thawing, water repellency and permeability.

10, Ceramic tiles are easy to clean. The ceramic tiles are convenient and clean, and they also appear clean and bright.



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