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Teach you to distinguish what is the best full glaze?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

First, I have to tell you what is the full glaze tile?  

Full glazed aka "glaze", also known as the under glaze color process. Under the name of the glaze, it is printed under the glaze layer, that is, the printing directly on the body, and then glaze on it or transparent thaw, with "progressive color, exquisite texture" features. Then the glaze is polished. The gloss is above 90 degrees, and the surface is smooth, wearable and anti-skid.  

All throw tiles concentrate on all the advantages of antique tiles, polished tiles and stones. There are both rich colors of antique tiles, brightening of polished tiles, and natural texture of stones.


Two. What is the difference between full glazed tiles and polished tiles?  

The full glazed tile and polished tile's water absorption rate is below 0.5%. At the same time, the surface is polished, and its brightness is as long as new. But the whole tile has the following advantages:

1, the full polishing tile is based on the process of the polishing tile, adding a layer of polishing glaze to the surface. It is the polishing on the surface of the glaze, and the "super clean technology" first created by the new Zhongyuan (the current brand name of the antique tile is only in the new source), and the brightness is higher and the antifouling is better.

2, the imitation stone texture of the polished tile is mostly with the texture of ordinary or random material, and the effect of the imitation stone is better; and the full cast tile is the texture and texture consistent with the natural precious stone.  

3, the surface brightness and the whole degree are different, the full glaze surface is glass glaze, the brightness is higher than the polished tile, but the surface of the polished tile seems more smooth and full of ripples; the surface texture is mainly stone texture, the printing is fine and rich, the surface is on the glass; the polishing tile texture is mainly stone. Granular crystal has a strong sense of stereoscopic effect, especially the effect of grain crystal clear and clear. It is clear that the effect of full cast glaze is more extravagant than polished tile.

4, the cross section of the tile is different, the surface of the polished tile has a layer of 3~6 powder, and the full glaze has only one layer of less than 0.5 glazes. The full glaze is a combination of the advantages of the antique and polished tiles. The glaze is as smooth and bright as the polished tile. At the same time, the glaze is as rich as the antique tile, and the color is thick or gorgeous.


Three. What is the difference between the full glazed tile and the marble stone?  
All have the same tile and natural stone texture, but the whole glazed tile with stone has the following advantages:
1, no radiation, no damage to the earth's environment, in line with the trend of low carbon life, environmental protection and energy saving;
2, no color, large area Putie good overall effect on the stone like nature itself;

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