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Swimming pool mosaic tile
- May 22, 2018 -

The swimming pool tile is actually another name for swimming pool mosaic, which is made of ceramic, and used for swimming pools. The swimming pool mosaics are mainly distinguished by specifications and glazing processes.

There are many specifications for the swimming pool mosaic, which are 23x23mm, 25*25mm, 48*48mm, 73*73mm, 100*100mm and so on. The customers will ask why there are 23 and 25 specifications. In fact, the 23 specifications can be mixed with 48mm, and the 25 can not be mixed with 48. In some water Park, the 73 or 48 pool is used, and the 23 specification is finished. Beauty can be embedded in the mosaic of mosaic flowers; the prices are different from the same specifications, the same process, the smaller the size of the pool, the higher price.

The glaze technology of ceramic swimming pool mosaic is divided into three types: pure color glaze, crystalline glaze and ice cracked glaze. Pure color glaze of the swimming pool mosaic, the process is relatively simple, glaze used with less glaze, low cost, and crystal glaze and ice crack glaze, the use of different glaze, in order to achieve surface texture and color effect, the burning and blending of glaze is more complex, so the price is higher than the pure color glaze, but the price is higher, but come out The effect is far better than the mosaics of the pure color glaze.

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The glaze features and properties of the swimming pool mosaic tiles: 1. acid resistant and alkaline corrosion; 2, the water absorption rate reached the national requirements; 3. durable water, the fracture modulus reached the testing requirements; 4. impermeable dirt, easy to clean up. At present, many businesses in the market use exterior wall mosaic to act as the owner of the mosaic of the swimming pool. Because of the low mosaic price used for the exterior wall, more owners are taking risks to save the cost.

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