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Style collocation of antique tile
- May 28, 2018 -

Generally speaking, European style, pastoral, Mediterranean and other styles are more suitable for the use of antique tiles. Of course, you can communicate with the design room and see how to use it concretely. The use of antique tile is integrated with the style of the whole.      

1, Chinese style.

The archaize tile makes the old style, and attracts people's eyes with the unique charm of the classical style. The antique tile builds the atmosphere of Chinese decoration nostalgic through the style, color and pattern.

Archaize tiles are commonly used in Chinese decoration. Antique bricks retain the simplicity and decorations of pottery, color and collocation, and the surface is easy to clean up. It is more suitable for balcony, terrace and so on.


2, European style

Beige color is a typical style of European style. The jade tiles used in European space can be matched with the marble lines of the same color system, display the gorgeous and atmosphere of the classical European style. At the same time, it can be combined with mosaic. The European style can add some fashionable elements to the post modern style.     


3, American style

The American style country style generally emphasizes simple and clear lines and elegant, decent design, so the material selection is recommended as much as possible with heavy, texture material. For example, the ground is decorated with stone or antique bricks, and the walls of TV can be decorated with marble walls. In color, American style village style decoration design is based on natural color of log, white, red, green and brown room with a more general color atmosphere.


4. Pastoral style

The pastoral style is a kind of public decoration style. Its main purpose is to show the idyllic atmosphere through decoration. But the countryside here is not a rural garden, but a style close to nature and yearning for nature. Therefore, it is recommended to use heavy and textured materials as far as possible. For example, the ground use of wood pattern antique tiles, idyllic antique tiles not only used in the traditional ground paving, but also on the wall, used in the kitchen, bathroom, and even to decorate the facades of film and television walls, porch and staircase.


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