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Six knowledge must be know of the polished tile
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The polished tile that many people will choose in the home decoration. For non professional people, they have no concept for the polishing brick. So what should we know about such a often used and unfamiliar product?
One. What are the features of the polished tile?
It is easy to buy, easy to buy, easy to handle, not to be damped by water, easily scratched by hard objects, and very moderate in price. It is a special type of brick, small and colorful, and is widely used in small indoor area, wall and outdoor wall and ground, easy to clear. More washing is used.

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Two. How to choose and match polished tiles with different colors?
1. black and white contrast, can increase the structure of the level of the ground,

2. gray series of polishing tile, more cultural taste and natural scenery;

3. stone texture is simple and natural, also rich and rich in connotation;
 4. red series of polished tiles make the ground look special and have a magnificent feeling;

5. rice yellow series make the room a magnificent noble and elegant;
6. the polished tiles of blue and green series are easy to associate with the vastness of the sky and the natural wind of the grassland.


Three, how to maintain the polishing tiles?
Method 1: take the mixture of white wax and one small spoon of white vinegar together, put it in a bottle, shake it before use.
Method two: dirt in polished tiles, spray some bathroom cleaners, wait for a while, brush lightly and rinse with water. If there are still stains, wash with water bleach.
Four, what is the best way to repair the polished tiles?
If the mortar is not loose, only the polishing brick shedding, the mortar on the ceramic tile can be scraped, a little cement is added into the 107 glue, a thin layer is evenly coated on the back of the polished brick, and then the polished brick can be stuck tightly. If the mortar is dropped together with the polished brick, after the pits are chiseled lightly on the original base, the mortar is set up with the mortar with 107 glue, and then the shedding polished brick is pressed up until the mortar is hardened.

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