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Similarities and differences between marble tiles and other tiles
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Marble tile

It refers to a kind of ceramic tile products with natural marble, realistic texture, color and texture. It has the realistic decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of the ceramic tiles.


Full glazed tile

Compared with polished tiles, all glazed products are more colorful in color.


Polished tile

The tiles are directly polished and polished to form polished tiles.

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Marble tile VS Full glazed tile

1, both in basic craft, all need to cast glaze cover.

2, both are glazed tiles.

3, the production cost of marble tiles is high, and the cost of ordinary cast glaze is relatively low.

4. The printing technology of marble tiles is mostly silk screen jump printing and inkjet printing, while ordinary polishing glaze only uses inkjet technology or single screen printing.

5, marble tiles are very similar to the way of stone expression, and can achieve different effects.

6. Marble tile is a good material for decoration at present. It can completely replace natural stone used in five good hotels.

Marble tile VS polished tile

1, both are floor tile products.

2, the use of the two is roughly the same.

3, the specifications of the two are mostly the same.

4, both are generally used for decoration in the family living room.

5, marble relative to polished tiles, brighter, more dazzling, more antifouling, performance comparison advantage is obvious.

6, marble tiles are glazed tiles, and polished tiles belong to a kind of monolithic brick, and the surface is directly polished.

7, the water absorption rate of polished tiles is generally less than 0.5, while the water absorption rate of marble tiles is lower, generally below 0.2.

8, the performance and richness of marble tiles, color expression and so on, polished tiles are in a good position.

9, marble tiles are fashion products, which are very popular in recent years, and many of the market share of polished tiles is replaced by marble.

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