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Seven differences between polished and glazed tiles
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Polished tiles are shaped by high temperature and high pressure, and then grind and polish by high-speed and high-precision equipment. The glazed tile is made of a layer of color glaze on the surface of the tile after it is made. It is made by burning. The hardness is low, the surface is not smooth and bright, but the antifouling property is strong.

The difference between polished tiles and glazed tiles

1.The polishing tiles and glazed tiles are in different sizes.

The polished tiles are mainly used in the living room, and the size is generally 600, 800 large size floor tiles, and the glazed tiles are often 600*600mm small floor tiles.

2. Different colors

The color of polished tiles is relatively simple, and there is not much change. But the glazed tiles are different, and the glazed tiles are more colorful than polished tiles. The glazed tiles are glazed after printing, and the colors are brighter.   

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3.The texture of polished tiles and glazed tiles are different.

The texture of polished tiles can not be very small. The glazed tiles can make fine lines like needles.

4. Different adobes

The adobe is the key to distinguish between the polished tiles and the glazed tiles. The polished tile is infiltrating the color into the adobe body, so the color of the 1-2mm adobes below the surface is the same as the surface. And the glaze tile is completely different, completely will not infiltrate into the adobes body, look at the side of the tile, glazed tile layer is more obvious, it is obvious to see the glaze, if the tile surface only a very thin layer of color is sure to be glazed tiles.      

5. Different wear resistance

The glazed tile is glazed with a layer of glaze on the surface of the polished tiles. In contrast, the brightness is good and the penetration is good, but the wear resistance is not as good as that of polished tiles. The surface of polished tiles is very thick and relatively wear-resistant, while the glazed tile surface is glazed, very thin, and wear-resisting is not so strong.     

6. Different pollution resistance

The polishing tile is suitable for most of the indoor space except the bathroom and kitchen, but the concave and convex blowholes left by the polished tile, which will hide the dirt, cause the surface to infiltrate into the pollutants easily, and the anti pollution effect of the glazed tile is better than polished tiles.

7, the price is different

The simulation of glazed tiles is high. It combines the advantages of antique and polished tiles. It is more sophisticated than polished tiles on the basis of glazed tiles. It is more complex than polished tiles. The appearance of the glazed tiles is rich in color, and the polishing tile is bright and clean, so the price is more expensive than the polished tiles.

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