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Selection of swimming pool ceramic tiles for different types
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Area: Gymnasium standard competition swimming pool, school swimming pool, diving pool, water polo pool, synchronized swimming pool with tile:

Standard swimming pool tile (brick size: 240x115mm)

The standard swimming pool is 50 meters long and 21 meters wide. The depth of water is more than 1.8 meters. Each swimming pool has 8 lanes, 2.5 meters wide and 0.5 meters on the side road.

The construction of these swimming pools is more standardized than other recreational pools, and there are strict requirements for the quality and size of the tiles. Therefore, the standard size of 240x115mm swimming pool bricks can not be replaced here.

Standard swimming pool tiles have high degree of ceramics, low water absorption, and a mass thickness of 9 mm, which can withstand huge water pressure. The standard swimming pool has four conventional colors: sky blue, dark blue, white and black. The dark color is used as the lane line, and the light color is the main color in the pool.


Area: a community swimming pool

Mosaic: - pure color mixed paste

SPA bubble pool, hot pool, community swimming pool general design is irregular shape, to make a more beautiful and safe effect, we must use small particles of ceramic mosaic, according to the specific size of the pool, we can use the two kinds of 48**48mm, 23*23mm, pure color glaze mosaic.

Note: because the glass product is easy to fall off the malpractice, the general service life is not long, the ceramic mosaic is stronger, more suitable for the long-term use of the community swimming pool.


Area: selection of children's pool in swimming area: tile mosaic.

Children's pool is mainly for children to play water, must not use glass mosaic, must use ceramic mosaic, because the glass transparent, easy to peeling, sharp often for the swimmers to swim to harm, recommend the use of porcelain mosaic. Of course, it is the choice of the favorite mosaic jigsaw puzzle, which can be designed by a professional swimming pool brick company, such as animals, dolphins, and water and grass in the world of the sea.


Area: selection of garden swimming pool tiles: - ice cracks mosaic

A garden pool needs a mosaic of nature and gardening. Ice cracks mosaic are the best choice, because ice cracks are one of the maturing performances of ceramics and combine with gardening to complement each other.


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