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Reasons for the popularity of large size tiles
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1. The paving effect is simple and atmospheric

Considering the modern and concise home demand, consumers pursue seamless pasting (in fact impossible), and large size tile ground reduces collage traces, creating a clean and quiet atmosphere for space.

In addition, the large size brick paving gives people a sense of extension and enlargement, which makes the space more open. The "big" of large size tiles is especially suitable for larger and more open spaces, adding a sense of luxury and atmosphere, becoming the first choice for many high places such as hotel lobby.



2.Free cutting, rich specifications

Large size tile is like a piece of cloth, which can be tailored according to its design requirements. After cutting and processing, the ceramic tile has more design sense, which provides designers with wider design space.

Cut by design, such as a large plate of 3200mm * 1600mm, can be cut into 1600mm * 800mm, 1600mm * 400mm, 800mm x 800mm and even the common specifications, even 3200mm * 400mm plates, which may evolve more possibilities.

3.Less seams, avoid Tibetan dirt

Large size brick bricks are slit, with little slit and little dirt. Therefore, it is easier to handle, and the floor is more clean.

Space panels with high cleanliness are widely used in clean rooms, such as hospitals, food processing sites, kitchens, bathrooms, chemical laboratories, etc. Reduce the width of the seam between the tiles, eliminate the growth of microbes, in addition to the high hardness, corrosion resistance, good cleaning performance can ensure that the working surface, wall and equipment will not be damaged, and maintain a good level of cleaning and safety.

4. Use a wider range

The application scope of the ceramic plate is still expanding from the early use of the paving to the interior wall to the curtain wall decoration materials, such as the kitchen table, the cabinet, the office table and so on.


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