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Purchase considerations of full glazed tile
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Purchase considerations of full glazed tile

The appearance of full-glazed tiles can be said to bring the tiles to a new height, the surface of the full-glazed glaze is soft, smooth and non-protruding, and the texture of the stone is clear and natural, so many people now choose to use them when decorating. Compared with polished tiles, fully polished glazed tiles are more environmentally friendly and can replace expensive high-grade stone and reduce the cost of building decoration. What are the precautions for the purchase of all-glazed tiles?


Note on the purchase of all-glazed tiles

1.Look at the clarity of the brick surface texture. Look at the area of the tiles

surface that changes in depth, whether the connection is natural and delicate, and some products with poor grades will use mosaic at the junction.

2, view the reflection of the object under the light. The quality of the full polished glazed tile, the object will form a reflection on the brick surface, the poor quality of the reflection will appear distortion.

3, look at the surface of the brick surface lighting, close to the brick surface to observe, the surface of the black spots appear relatively poor quality.

4. Observing the bottom embryo of the touch brick The glazed floor tile with good quality is fine when touching the bottom embryo, and the bottom of the polished glazed floor with low quality is rough.

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