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Pay attention to tile safety
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Tiles can only be used safely. As a semi-finished products, safety pavement, we enjoy the exquisite ceramic decorative conditions. With the continuous improvement of ceramic production technology and product research and development, new tile products are also emerging. From the beginning of tiles, polished tiles to antique tiles, wood tiles, and then to the plate, full cast glaze, ceramic stone, ceramic tile presents a large format, thin soft, low water absorption trends. However, although the rapid replacement of ceramic tile products, tile laying method is still stuck in the traditional cement laying period, which limits the construction of new marketing. With regard to the vast consumer, the delicate tiles that were purchased cannot be used normally in home decorating, and can be miserable. Therefore, the advocate of vast ceramic manufacturers, in the development of new products, but also to think more about the existing method of laying is not supporting the practice of new products. On the other hand, when it comes to the purchase of tiles, the vast number of consumers should not only think about the quality of the tiles themselves, but also understand the technical knowledge and construction materials of the tiles.

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