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Original edge wooden tile
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The original edge wooden tile is a bar shaped brick, that is, it is produced from the kiln and is a long strip. It does not need to be cut later, the size such as 150 * 600, 150 * 800, 160 * 900, 200 * 1000 and so on.


The original edge wooden tile is the ceramic tile with solid wood texture on the surface. At present, the original wood grain brick on the market is mainly based on the imitation of all kinds of ordinary and precious wood. Compared with the solid wood flooring, the original wood block tiles are easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to install, and are not afraid of fire and water, heat conduction, environmental protection and other advantages.

N9151183 150x900.jpgN1202751 200x1000.jpg

N1202751 200x1000 (2).jpg

The original edge wooden tile is the wood grain brick without edge. The original edge wood grain brick is different from the conventional ceramic product. The conventional ceramic product is usually treated by the grinding edge. The edge treatment is easy to expose the bottom of the brick, and the edge of the grinding edge is the diamond angle which causes the edge to collapse easily. The diamond angle of the grinding edge is slightly disregarded when it is paving. The problem of kick is easy to appear.

The effect of the original wood block brick is relatively natural and simple, and has a feeling of being in nature. At present, the domestic original edge wood brick manufacturers mainly adopt roller printing and inkjet printing technology.

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