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Mosaic tile buying skills
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Mosaic tiles are a good decoration material. Its avant-garde and individual characteristics are very popular among people and are widely used in house decoration. So what are the buying techniques for mosaic tiles?


1, the hardness

Mosaic tiles should pay attention to its hardness when purchasing, not only the hardness is strong, but also its toughness is better, so it will not be easily broken in the future use, and there will be no cracking.

2.water absorption

For the mosaic tiles used in bathroom decoration, the waterproof performance is particularly important. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to check the water absorption rate of the mosaic tile, and the water droplets are on the back of the tile. If the water droplets overflow, it indicates that the waterproof quality of the mosaic tile is good, and vice versa.

3. slip resistance

Whether the mosaic tile is laid on the wall or on the ground, pay attention to its anti-slip performance. Otherwise it will easily cause people to slip into injury. You can drip water on the tile to observe the speed of the slide. The slower the slip, the better the anti-slip performance of the tile.

4. the size

In addition, the size is also a matter of attention when the mosaic tile is purchased. It is necessary to select a suitable size, so that the error can be minimized during the laying, so that the tile laying effect is not affected.


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