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Mosaic details
- May 17, 2018 -

Mosaic can be divided into several different categories according to material and technology. The mosaic of glass material can be divided into one side cutting machine, double side cutting machine and manual cutting. The non glass mosaic can be divided into ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic and so on.

Ceramic mosaic

It is the most traditional mosaic, famous for its small and exquisite, but monotonous and low grade.

LMD002T.jpg LMD032T.jpg LMD020T.jpg

Marble mosaic

It is a mosaic variety of medium term development, rich and colorful, but its acid and alkali resistance is poor, and its waterproofing performance is not good, so the market reaction is not very good.

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Glass Mosaic

The colorful glass of the glass brings vitality to mosaic. It is divided into many small varieties according to the varieties of glass:

1) molten glass mosaic. Silicate is used as the main raw material and melted and molded at high temperature and is opaque or milky. It contains a small amount of glass mosaic of bubbles and unbelted particles.

2) sintered glass mosaic. Using glass powder as the main raw material, adding suitable amount of binder and so on, and pressing it into a certain size of green body, and glass mosaics sintered at certain temperature.

3) metal glass mosaic. It contains a small amount of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles, and has a clear glass mosaic.


What is the choice of the mosaic

Ordinary consumers' home decoration and glass mosaic should pay attention to the following aspects:

First, the decorative glass mosaic with stripes and so on. Its decorative area should account for more than 20% of the total area, and its distribution is uniform.

Second. The back of a single glass mosaic should be serrated or stepped, so that it will be more firm.

Third, in addition to the bonding agent to guarantee the bonding strength, it should be easily removed from the glass mosaic, and the paste used can not damage the back paper or make the glass mosaic.

Fourth, under natural light, there is no crack, defect, margin and missing angle from the height of mosaic about 40 centimeters.

Fifth, the random extraction of the nine union glass mosaic composition square, flat in the place where the light is enough, to see whether the luster is uniform at 1.5 meters away from it, if the luster is uneven, it is easy to discoloration in the wet toilet and destroy the appearance of the wall.

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