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Mosaic classification, glass mosaic selection skills
- Nov 28, 2018 -

In the decoration of the bathroom, there are indispensable mosaic decorations, there are many kinds of mosaics, so there must be some understanding in the purchase, let's take a look at the bathroom mosaic shopping skills.

First, the material classification

  1. Ceramic mosaic:

    without any modification, retaining the original rough surface, and the general ceramic mosaic is waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, etc., but its plasticity is not strong, and many are suitable for kitchen or exterior walls.

  2. marble mosaic:

    marble texture is diverse, decoration is very good, and can be combined with different colors to become a different style of patterns, a wide range of applications, such as hotel lobby, aisle, bathroom and so on.

  3. Glass mosaic:

    Glass mosaic is a very safe material. It is made of natural minerals. Its advantages are light weight, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It is a very good environmentally friendly material.

Second, the purchasing skills of glass mosaic

First, the specifications should be neat, the same size and size of each particle board are the same, the edge of each small particle is neat, and then the mosaic is placed on the ground is flat, the back of the monolithic mosaic is not There is a very thick latex layer.

The process should be rigorous. The first is to touch the glaze. We can feel the slip resistance and then the thickness. After all, the thickness determines the density, and the density is high. Observing the texture, the middle layer of the glaze is usually a good quality mosaic, the water absorption rate is low. This is the element to ensure the durability of the mosaic. Therefore, it is necessary to check the water absorption rate and put the water droplets on the back of the mosaic. The quality of the water droplets can be overflowed. The quality of penetration down is inferior.

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