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Mosaic background wall
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The decoration of modern homes pays more attention to the overall effect. There is also the need for innovation and distinctiveness. The creation of the background wall can often highlight the skill of decoration. The introduction of the mosaic wall will enhance the creation of the background wall.

Ceramic mosaic background wall, main choice for home renovation

When it comes to the effect of mosaics, many people would naturally think of tile mosaics. When creating walls, tiles are often the first choice. Especially for the construction of the bathroom wall, the use of tiles can be waterproof. For tile mosaic wall prices, at a general level, it is basically within the level of popular consumption. However, for this type of tile mosaic, the general requirements are general and the area used is relatively large.


Glass mosaic is a new material that appeared in the recent home improvement market. Compared with ceramic tiles, it is more beautiful, high-grade, fashionable and has very good results. Of course, the price of the glass mosaic wall in the market is still relatively high, and it can be used in TV background walls, sofa walls, restaurant walls, kitchens, bathrooms and so on. Consumers can design and choose according to their needs.


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