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Method of selecting bathroom tile
- May 09, 2018 -

Bathroom is the most frequent place to go in and out of the home every day. Summer is coming, the temperature is rising, the shower has become a daily required course. It is more important to pay attention to the safety problems of bathroom use. A large amount of water will reduce the friction between the people and the ground, and it is particularly important to choose the safe and anti skid ceramic tiles.

In addition to the quality that need to be considered when purchasing all kinds of tiles, the selection of tiles suitable for bathroom is mainly about the type of tiles.

1.Full body tile

The surface of the tile is unglazed. The material and color of the opposite side is the same, and it is more wear-resistant, but the color doesn’t good as the glazed tile, However, buyers who pursue a simple design can choose. There are open spaces on the surface of the full body tile. It is easier to hide dirty. It will lose the original color and luster for the long tile. Cleaning is very difficult. It is not recommended to be used in the bathroom environment.

HD6201P~HD8201P.jpg HD6201P~HD8201P.jpg

2.Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles are treated by glazing, and can be divided into ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles according to raw materials. Water absorption of ceramic glazed tile is

high, relatively low strength, porcelain glazed tiles with low water absorption, relatively high strength.

HS608GN.jpg 7.jpg

3, Vitrified Tile

The vitrified tile is all ceramic tile, smoothness of the surface and does not need to polishing, the texture is hard and wear-resistant, the price is also high, but the antiskid effect is not obvious, generally used in the living room, the hall and other places.

Wood-line stone(Gray).jpg HD6304P.jpg

4.Polishing tile

Polished tile is a kind of full body tile, but the surface of the embryo is polished, and its more smoothness of the surface. Polished tiles are hard and wearable, but they will leave holes in the process of making them. They are not suitable for use in toilets and kitchens.

HD6501P~HD8501P.jpg HD6501P.png


As the name suggests, consist of many small tile combined into a large tile, with smaller blocks and clearer space, thus increasing the skid resistance.

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