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Method for verifying the quality of polished tile
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Test methods:

1. Can be tapped, the sound crisp and clear ceramic tile density and hardness, good quality (hand tap the floor tile, if the tile issued "beep, squeak" sound that shows that its degree of sintering is not enough, texture More often than not, if a slight "click" is heard, its texture is more rigid than that of the previous one. (In fact, the method is very simple, knocking by hand, and the high-density tiles are knocked out with the crisp sound of glass. The low-density tiles give off dull tile sounds.)

2. To measure the water absorption of the tiles, the lower the water absorption, the higher the inherent stability of the tiles, and the more suitable the space with high humidity or moisture content. (such as bathroom, kitchen), will not produce dark spots and other issues

3. Pour a glass of water on the back of the tile, water stains spread quickly, indicating that the water absorption rate is high, and vice versa is lower

4. You can use a hard object to scrape the tile glazed If you leave a mark, it indicates poor quality

5. Look at the color of the tile is not clear, with the naked eye to see if there is a pinhole, the pinhole is easy to accumulate dirt

6. The flatness of the tile, the side is flat, easy to spread, the effect is good (visual measurement, the floor tile Place it on a flat surface and see whether the four sides are completely in line with the flat surface, and if the four corners of the tile are all right-angled, then place the tile in the same type and the same type of tile to observe the color difference degree.

7. When selecting the tile Often seeing the material dealer stepping hard on the ground, this only shows that the floor of his tile is flat and does not show that his tiles are of good quality.

8. On the floor, the poor tile is a complete reflection of the density. Chalk, wherever it is marked. 9. Focus on "look". Look at the grade. Excellent products are the best, third-class goods and other foreign products are worrying; Second, look the appearance and glaze. The good tiles are free from irregularities, bumps, and curling angles. They are straight and flat. Glazed smooth, no particles or shades of different phenomena; see patterns. The pattern should be delicate, no obvious color leakage, dislocation, disconnection or shades.

10. Focus on "listening". With a thumb, forefinger and middle finger sandwiched one corner of the tile, easily hang down, the other index finger tapping the lower part of the tile, such as the voice is clear, sweet for the top grade, such as sound boring, astringent turbidity as defective.

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