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Laying wood tiles is good for home
- Oct 17, 2018 -

With the improvement of living standards, the materials of our homes are also undergoing earth-shaking changes. In the interior decoration, many people want the good feeling and decorative effect of the wooden floor, and the good performance of the tile is easy to clean up. Is there any decoration material that combines the advantages of both? Wood grain tiles are a good choice. What are the advantages of laying wood grain tile in the home?     

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First, the introduction of wood grain tiles

Wood-grained tiles are ceramic tiles with decorative effects on the surface of natural wood texture. They are divided into glazed tiles and split tile. The former adopts a screen printing process or a ceramic flower paper method to obtain a wood tiles pattern on the surface of the product, and the latter uses two or more kinds of blanks which are burned and then have different colors, and they are spirally mixed by a vacuum screw extruder. The wood-like texture formed by cutting the exit is then used to open the tile of the monolithic product. With the improvement of the process, the wood grain tile products are very mature. According to the surface glossiness, in addition to the traditional matt wood grain tiles, they can be divided into glossy wood grain tiles and soft light wood grain tiles.

Second, the wood grain tile laying features

The wood grain tile texture is realistic, feels like a foot and feels real, just like a real wood board. The original “wood grain tile” products meet the requirements of sensory wood. When making brick embryos, the wood grain tiles are pressed by the Italian press, and the glaze is made of Spanish color glaze. "Wood tile" is all-ceramic glazed surface, Moths hardness reaches seven grades, higher hardness than polished bricks five to six grades, long-wearing, no fading, no discoloration, qualified glazed surface is not contaminated, easy Cleaning and care. The surface of the ceramic with a wood grain decorative pattern is a new product of bricks, which is realistic and simple, without the fading and non-wearing of the wooden floor.

Third, the advantages and disadvantages of wood grain tile

1. Advantages In addition to the high fidelity of wood grain tiles, the material difference makes it cheaper than the cost of solid wood. The tiles are almost non-absorbent, so don't worry about mold and insects. The surface is water-repellent and easy to clean. If it is contaminated with dust, it can be wiped directly with water. There is no need for long-term care like a wooden board. Imitation wood grain tile two styles, one is a wood-like tile with a pattern similar to solid wood, with a refreshing and smooth line. The other is a wood grain, which is generally brown and can be fitted with modern textures for better results!

2, shortcomings Compared to the real wood floor, the pattern of wood grain tiles is too regular, a bit dull. The tiles have been used for a long time, and black seams will appear. The tiles and tiles will become blacker and darker due to the scale, which will affect the appearance. If a piece of tile is broken, it needs to be replaced completely, and the wooden floor can be replaced by a single piece.

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