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It is good to lay antique floor tile in the bathroom
- Sep 14, 2018 -

The bathroom is an important area in our home life. We will lay antique floor tile at home. What skills do we have when buying antique tiles?

First, the advantages of bathroom antique rustic tiles


1, wear resistance

The antique tile is wear-resistant and durable, and has good water absorption. Due to the enamel material on the surface, the antique tile is highly resistant to penetration and is not suitable for contamination. It is also very convenient to clean. In addition, the antique tile have good water absorption properties and will not be deformed, so the antique ceramic tile are a kind of floor tiles that are very suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

2, characteristics

The rustic ceramic tile pattern is rustic and full of classical style. Antique tiles are actually a kind of glazed ceramic tiles. It is characterized by rich and natural patterns and old craftsmanship.

3, antique tile size

Antique tiles tile come in a variety of sizes, both as an embellishment and as a whole. If you want to use antique floor tile as a whole, you can choose a larger size. According to different decoration styles, choose different paving methods.



Second, the bathroom tile purchase points

1, tile texture

The texture density of the tiles. The choice of bathroom tiles is also required for the density and texture of the tiles themselves. When purchasing tiles, pay attention to whether the tiles are flat and natural, and observe whether there are different pinholes, etc. These are the criteria for judging the quality of the tiles.

2, tile glaze

The degree of glazing of th tile surface. The easiest way to determine the degree of glazing of a tile is to observe the thickness of the glaze on the tile surface. Generally, the glazed layer of the tile is more practical, and it is not easy to accumulate dirt and is easy to clean. Therefore, when choosing a bathroom tile, choose a thicker glaze tile.

3, tile’s water absorption rate

The water absorption rate of the tiles, this is the first thing to pay attention to when choosing a bathroom tile. In general, the higher the quality of the tiles, the lower the water absorption, and such tiles can make the ground water dry faster.

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