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Is the wood tile only used on the ground?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

At present, most of the wood tiles are used on the ground, and there are few on the wall. However, it has become popular in foreign countries to extend wood tiles from the ground to the walls and become individual spaces.


Stagger the tiles of different colors into the wall

Put on the entrance as a temporary cloakroom, unique

In addition, wood tiles are often the best choice for living room, kitchen, and bedroom floor materials if they are minimalist modern/Nordic style. However, in the simple decoration of many foreign countries, the bathroom space began to use wood tiles.


Dark wood grain tile: 9-11 square bathroom

The dark wood grain gives a retro, classic and dignified feeling. The dark wood grain bricks are applied to the entire bathroom space, which can make people feel like being in the rainforest nature and get better relaxation. In addition, the bathroom is relatively damp, it is prone to lime scale stains, and dark tiles can be easily handled.

Natural color wood tile: 7 squares with bathroom recommended

If the dark wood is suitable for larger bathrooms, natural-colored wood tiles are an excellent choice for your bathroom. This color of imitation wood-grained tiles is similar to our common wood-grained bricks, and it can be more durable and easier to maintain.


Light wood grain brick: 5 square small bathroom

Originally, it was not much space, and the light-colored wood grain tiles were attached, which can occasionally expand the small space visually. In addition, light-colored wood grain comes with a small fresh property, whether it is the general specifications or cut into small pieces with paving, can add the beauty of the bathroom!

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