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Is it worth to buy full glazed tiles?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Is it worth to buy full glazed tiles?

Tiles are an essential wall-to-wall decorative building material in modern home decoration. For example, the kitchen and bathroom in the home are two places that are in contact with water. At present, the types of ceramic tiles on the market are also quite rich, giving consumers more choices, and all of them can be seen in many people's homes. So what is the full polished glazed tile worth buying? The following small series will take everyone to the article to find the answer!

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1.From the design

The current all-glazed tiles are much better in design than before, but still need some other good processing, such as anti-pollution and external materials. Everything needs to be very good.

2.the process

the full polished glazed tile is a kind of tile made by a very special polishing process on the glaze surface, it is richer like antique brick, the color is also Very heavy and gorgeous. Under the precision production, the fully polished glazed tiles are still relatively wear-resistant.

3.The perspective of life

the full polished glazed tile is a very wearable tile, which combines the strengths of polished tiles and antique bricks, and its glaze is as lubricated as polished tiles. Clean, not easy to wear, the service life is usually about 3 times that of micro-powder tiles.

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