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How to prevent empty tiles from appearing and dropping questions?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

1. Use tile adhesive instead of cement. Ceramic tile adhesive is a kind of modified cement. After adding various polymers, the function of traditional cement is further improved, more flexible and anti-aging, and the adhesive force is 2 to 3 times that of traditional cement. The bonding principle of the principle of adsorption and diffusion principle, adaptability, can be in a variety of building materials on the surface of the shop, such as (brick posted turn, glass tile, etc.). The use of tile adhesive tiles can solve the problem of low water absorption tiles on the wall.

2. Use targeted binders. There are various types of tile products in the market because of different firing techniques and different requests for construction materials. For example, special adhesive mosaic tiles and stones, the choice of binder is different. Mosaics have different raw materials such as glass, ceramics, and platinum. Each raw material has different pH and binder requirements. On the other hand, with respect to large-size microcrystalline stones and thin plates, the requirements for adhesives are significantly different from those for tiles and antique tiles. Therefore, in the selection of adhesives for tiled products, adhesives matching those of the tiled products should be selected.

3, use excellent tile adhesive. Binder in appearance and the usual cement is not much difference, under normal circumstances, gray and white, white stone is usually used more. In order to prevent poor merchants from shoddy, consumers can distinguish the quality of adhesive from three aspects: A, after mixing, separate the cement and adhesive with fingers, than the adhesive, the adhesive can be in the glass, high Water-absorbing wood and other base surface paste, and the cement may be poor quality adhesive will soon fall; B, the conditions permit, the tile can be coated with adhesive attached to the inverted base surface, such as wood, The glass, etc., then slanted the base surface to see if the bricks would fall, and if not, it would be an excellent tile adhesive. C. The better the water retention, the better the quality of the binder. Under normal circumstances, the slower the drying of the binder, the better the construction function.

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