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How to make the tile not slip
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Step 1. In order to ensure a better anti-slip effect, first rinse the floor with water, then use a brush to match the floor cleaning agent to remove the stubborn dirt, grease, polishing wax, etc. on the ground. Then rinse with water twice, wait for the ground to dry (there is no water stain on the surface, do not need to wait until it is completely dry).


Step 2. Spray or spray the tile anti-slip agent evenly on the ground, wait 8-15 minutes, then rinse twice with water. While cleaning, brush with a hard brush for 2 to 3 times until the residue on the surface is cleaned.

Step 3. Generally, it needs to stay for 8-15 minutes, but the texture of the floor tiles is different. In order to better achieve the anti-slip effect, the time for the anti-slip agent to stay on the ground will be flexible. The maximum time can stay for 30 minutes. The specific time should be as follows. The results of small area test of floor tiles are determined. (If it is a homogenous brick, it is recommended to apply anti-slip liquid for 8 minutes, then remove the anti-skid liquid with a rag, then apply a non-slip liquid, wait 5 minutes, then wash with water.)

Step 4. If large-area spraying of floor tiles is required, it is necessary to divide the ground into several areas in advance and to construct them in sections to avoid simultaneous construction, resulting in unbalanced effects.


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