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How to identify the quality of wood tile
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The first is to look. The first thing consumers want to pick up a piece of wooden tile is its texture. The texture of the good quality wood grain brick is clear and less repeated.

The design concept of the second product, the main role of wood grain brick paving in the bedroom, office, etc. is to appreciate, it is pleasing to the eye. When consumers choose wood grain bricks, they should choose the type of wood grain brick according to the effect they want.

The third hand to touch, when buying wood grain bricks, you should touch the front and back sides of the product by hand. The front side appears that the texture should have the concave and convex feeling like the tree ring, and the texture should have the annual ring or the tree eye. The graphics are not as simple as some textures.

Finally, ask about the use of the product technology, the technology used in the product will directly affect the quality of the product.

Wood grain bricks are used in the most bedroom, which replaces the wooden floor for home use. It has an incomparable advantage of wooden flooring. Environmentally friendly, the price is more affordable than the wooden floor, and save a lot of heart, no need to do care, impact resistance is the original advantage.

The main specifications in the market are 150*600, 600*600, 200*900, 200*1000, 600*900. Nowadays, the most common choice for wood grain bricks is 150*600. Because wood grain bricks are often used in dozens of squares, the space is not very large. It is mainly bedroom, and this size is used for paving. On the one hand, it is more beautiful, on the other hand, it is relatively less worn during construction, and the price of this specification is also more affordable.

The appearance looks very similar to the logs, it is very wear-resistant, and it is not afraid of the tide. It doesn't need to be specially cleaned. Just use a wet mop to mop the floor. Basically, it will not be deformed and polished for ten years. It is much more durable than the antique solid wood floor. It is very easy to manage.



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