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How to distinguish between polished tile and vitrified tiles
- Jun 08, 2018 -

What's the difference between the vitrified tileand the polished tiles?

One. The difference between polished tiles and glazed tiles.


1. What is polished tile?

Polished tile is a kind of bright tile formed by the surface of the full body tile, which belongs to full body tile. For the full body tile, polished tiles is much cleaner. Polished tiles are hard and wearable, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens, such as balcony, exterior wall decoration, etc.

2, what is a vitrified tile

Vitrified tile is a kind of bright tile made from the surface of the full body tile, which belongs to the full body tile. Water absorption below 0.5% is called vitrified tile.

Summary: water absorption rate is lower than 0.5% is called vitrified tile, higher than 0.5% is only polishing tile is not vitrified tile. because of low water absorption rate is relatively high, it is not easy to scratch. Therefore, the difference between the two is not the difference in the process.


Two. The difference between polished tiles and glazed tiles making process

1.The polished tiles are pressed by the powder of clay and stone and then fired. The front and reverse color of the same color, not glaze, after a good burn, the surface is then polished, so the front is very smooth, very beautiful.

2. Technological process of making vitrified tile

The vitrified tile is similar to the polishing tile, but the production requirement is higher, the press is better, the higher density can be suppressed, and the temperature of the burning is higher at the same time. It can make the knowledge in the second hurdles of the full ceramic tile knowledge in the decoration knowledge column, and the selection and purchase of the tile stone. Vitrified tile is enhanced polishing, the surface generally no longer need polishing treatment is very bright, to a certain extent, to solve the problem of polishing dirty head. Of course, the price of vitrified tiles is higher than that of polishing.

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